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Aldred, that Town-clerk guard what so commenced on exemplory case of Mr

Aldred, that Town-clerk guard what so commenced on exemplory case of Mr

Dec. last.-From the Council fulfilling it was solved, to your actions of Mr. Ferrier, seconded because of the Mr. C. C. Steward.

This new petition was defeated, once the Checker had stated “this new sureties on the petition as informal and incorrect.”

Letter. Burroughs, John W

Dec. 11th.-Messrs. George Danby-Palmer, W. Shelly and you will Roentgen. Hammond, junr., had petitioned our home out of Commons to have redress due to the fact thought about this new step of one’s Checker about what Election petition.

Dec. 18th.-A community fulfilling ended up being held to adopt the building out-of “an aquatic Parade and you will Push.” Regarding the 3 hundred or 400 persons was expose; the newest Gran presided, and you may try supported by Charles Pearson, Esq., Roentgen.Letter., C. Elizabeth. Bartram, C. Aldred, J. Jackson, J. Chapman, Age. Aldred, C. J. Palmer, F. Palmer, Roentgen. Dowson, C. Miller, Elizabeth. Preston, J. C. Smith, Roentgen. Ferrier, H. D. Palmer, Roentgen. Steward, J. Cherry, W. C. Reynolds, F. Praise, W. Worship, &c. Mr. C. J. Palmer moved, and you can Mr. D. R. Fowler seconded an answer towards this new offer; and Mr. Amis gone, and you will Mr. J. Cobb seconded given that an amendment “That people who wished a parade will be shell out the dough,” and this amendment the brand new id specific confusion, as sent.

The government was actually beaten abreast of the brand new Budget, Sir Age. H. K. Lacon voting having, and Mr. C. Elizabeth. Rumbold against, all of them.


The month of january. eighth.-An event away from Liberal electors is managed of the Mr. McCullagh in accordance with this new rejection into the tech grounds of petition up against the return of your own Meters.Ps. George Danby-Palmer, Esq., filled the brand new couch, and you will Messrs. F. S. Costerton, P. Pullyn, R. Hammond, J. Clowes, C. Age. Bartram, J. Jackson, J. Bayly, W. Letter. Burroughs, J. D. Chapman, J. Cobb, W. Livingstone, S. Parker, J. Mainprice, D. R. Fowler, P. Light and others was indeed introduce.

p. 180 It absolutely was rumoured one to Mr. Rumbold would not once again offer himself to your Borough, using his having voted against the Bodies, which had angered his Tory followers.

Jan. 15th.-An election was actually kept having good Councillor throughout the Gorleston Ward, owing to new death of Mr. S. Miller. The brand new amounts polled was-

The month of january. 22nd.-In the “High Urban Chicken Show,” Elizabeth. H. L. Preston, Esq., Mr. E. Hughes and you may Mr. Henry Turrell got obtained awards.

Mr. James W. Crowe is appointed Medical Administrator towards Northern Region into the the spot away from Mr. Key appointed so you can an equivalent work environment on Workhouse.

Feb. nineteenth.-Mr. C. J. Palmer delivered to brand new notice of Council brand new dilapidated condition of Nelson Memorial, and you will Sir Age. H. K. Lacon, Mr. Palmer, Mr. Burroughs, Mr. Ferrier, Master Pearson, and you will Mr. Steward have been designated a committee to take on the niche.

Mr. Palmer often referred to as focus on the condition of the latest town’s muniments, and it was consented that Mr. Harrod can be interested to set up exact same in the a charge out of ?20.

Mr. Chamberlin (Coroner) necessary the newest Council so you’re able to secure their conference: this had been neglected in the 1848 when he are appointed to you to definitely place of work.

p. 181 February twelfth.-Mr. Jarvis, jeweller, Broad Line, got the time to possess demonstration for the charges out-of attempting to defraud an insurance coverage Organization by the function fire to their site.

March nineteenth.-Our house off Commons Panel got ble of your own Drinking water Works Bill is actually turned-out. Mr. Webster seemed to the marketers, and you will Mr. Lynde needless to say landowners just who petitioned facing they. Research gotten meant for the new measure from the Messrs. Roentgen. Ferrier, Charles Cory, W. Ascending, and Spelman.

April next.-From the Vestry Fulfilling, Messrs. Steward and you will Aldred is lso are-elected Churchwardens, kuumin guatemalan tyttö and you can a chapel rate of 1?d. from the ? chosen.

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